Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Songs I Love


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature run by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week you compile a list of ten books that fit with the theme. All the details and how to join are available here.

We’re going audio freebie this week – so I decided to choose the suggestion for Ten Songs that I Love (It can’t be Top Ten – I just can’t do that as my favourite’s change day to day).

All the little lights.jpg

1. Passenger – All The Little Lights

The tone of this is lovely; perfectly balanced between hope and regret. The lyrics are definitely poetry and listening to it just makes me smile. I’m glad he’s finally getting the media coverage he deserves and I’m looking forward to his new album!


2. Ben Howard – Black Flies/Dancing in the Dark

Just, all the Ben Howard music please. Originals (BF), covers (DitD), live sets – you name it, I’ll listen to it, it’s all my favourite. But Black Flies is just unlike anything I’ve ever heard in the way it builds and his Springsteen cover is perfection.

The Civil Wars.jpg

3. The Civil Wars – Devil’s Backbone

It’s frankly a crime that these two aren’t making music together anymore. I could have picked virtually any of their songs, they’ve got such a broad style, but this one always sticks in my head.


4. The Lumineers – Ho Hey/Ophelia

I don’t know how they do it – I truly don’t. Great, catchy music that just climbs into your brain and refuses to leave. The amount of times I find myself getting stared at by singing these whilst cooking doesn’t bare counting. Also the random dancing in Ophelia’s music video is brilliant.

almost lover.jpg

5.  A Fine Frenzy – Almost Lover

Hugely underrated lyricist, she’s not released anything new for a while but I loved all of her back catalogue. It was a struggle to pick one song to include here but I decided to go with the first song of hers I ever heard, simply because it’s haunting.


6. The Killers – Romeo and Juliet

An old favourite, but a good un. I didn’t think any cover would ever match the Dire Strait’s original but The Killers managed it – and listening to this version saves me from the original music video which is, quite frankly, bizarre (I have no idea what’s going on or why they’re doing that strange walk – incredibly 80’s). I love their original songs too as they always make me nostalgic for school/college – they’ve also got one of the few lyrics with my name in after all! (Believe me Natalie).

Dar williams.jpg

7. Dar Williams – We Learned the Sea

I like a lot of Williams’ songs but I love the lyrics in this one, they’re utterly transporting. Sea shanty meets irish folk meets a voice possessed of incredible clarity = Beautiful.


8. David BowieLife on Mars

A true classic – with brilliant lyrics, a melody to die for and a surprisingly simple yet effective video. Utter perfection. Could have very easily have listed the majority of his back catalogue here but I’m restricting myself to one. Darn you 2016 – this is not on.


9. Barns Courtney – Glitter and Gold

Excellent writing music, an up-tempo earworm that I often find myself typing in time to. The link I’ve attached is to a fan-made MCU video rather than a lyric video, because the snippets of sound effects they’ve added in just seem to fit perfectly (also excellent editing).


10. Noisettes – Never Forget You

Wonderful seat-dancing music, good for humming too – also I’m in love with her hair. I never really heard much of them after this first album, but this song is just so utterly joyful and it’s remained a firm favourite.



4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Songs I Love

  1. I’m also SO sad about The Civil’s War! I struggle to categorise their music into a genre but I think their songs are very… whimsical? Like each and every one tells of a story and is almost always about a complex relationship/human experience. So beautiful. ❤

    I also really love A Fine Frenzy (great for sad days) and The Lumineers (for happy, upbeat days).

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