What’s up Wednesday

What's UpWednesday


What I’ve read and what I’ve done:

river of inkI’m starting to make some headway with my TTT Spring TBR. So far I’ve finished River of Ink, which was a very interesting read, all about the power of language and how a narrative can take over people’s lives. My review will hopefully be up soon as I’ve finally cleared my 2015 review backlog – I apologise for the sudden rush of posts!

Lancaster Litfest was  on the 17th-20th of March this year. I wasn’t sure how much I would be able to attend, but in the end I made it to all of the events apart from our Sci-fi night on Friday. It was the first festival that we’ve done since I was on the board and it was great to see it from the other side. Not just as a volunteer or an audience member, but as someone involved in developing the programme. I’m going to do a festival review later in the week, as well as a discussion post on the importance of libraries. A lot of interesting points came up in our event on Thursday and I want to try and articulate some of them. Libraries are so important but at the moment they are under constant threat from council cuts along with most of the arts budget. It’s hard to explain just how intrinsic the safe space of a library can be to a community, but I’m going to try!

I’ve also just finished the second term of my PhD, I’m really enjoying it but I’ve got a lot to polish up over Easter before my next tutorial.

What I’m reading now and what I’m doing this week:


I’m still working through my ARCs, so at the moment I’m partway through reading The Girl From Everywhere, which I was lucky to get as Read Now on NetGalley. I’m really enjoying it so far – I love seafaring books and Nixie is a really interesting character in a very precarious position. Once I’ve finished I’m moving back on to my reread of Six of Crows. I wanted to read it again before I reviewed it on here, as there’s so many brilliant aspects of this book and I wanted to make sure that I covered them all!

I’ve finished all the recommended reading that my tutors have given me for my PhD, so I’m back to rereading the books I used in my initial bibliography for my PhD proposal. I’ve started with Glyn Maxwell’s On Poetry, this book collects a series of his essays dealing with his ‘poetics’. I found the book really interesting the first time I read it and it’s equally compelling this time, although I do not always agree with him.

I’m feeling a bit better this week, so I’m trying to work my way through my to-do list and perhaps even get a bit ahead of myself for the first time since last October. I’m also trying to get a more even blogging schedule, rather than just posting in clusters when I have the time.

What I’m going to read next

north and south

I’m not quite sure what to read next. I’ve got a lot of poetry/non-fiction to get through this Easter. But outside of course books I think I might choose something completely different. I’ve got a copy of Elizabeth Gaskell’s classic North and South at the top of my library pile and it would be nice to cross it off my TBR.





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