Splintered Souls by Erica Lucke Dean

Splintered souls

Splintered Souls

by Erica Lucke Dean

Rating: 1 Star/DNF

When Ava Flynn walks away from a scholarship to Georgetown and moves into her grandmother’s abandoned summer home in coastal Maine, she steps into the center of a centuries-old curse. On her first night, she notices a mysterious leather-clad stranger looking up at her third-story window. For weeks, everywhere she goes, Ava catches more glimpses of him, but she can never get close enough to find out who he is.

Over three hundred years ago, Lady Catherine Fairchild risked everything to protect her unborn child, sending a ripple through time that would change Ava’s future. As the mystery unravels, the horrifying consequences of Lady Catherine’s choices drag Ava deeper into a world she never knew existed, trapping her in a conflict that’s been raging since before she was born. A winner-take-all battle for her soul..’

Sadly the second of my DNF’s to end 2015. I was trying to work my way through my eArcs from Netgalley and this was the last one I got to.

Now, here is a book that is grossly misrepresented. I thought it was going to be something of a time-travelling mystery drama with some supernatural skulduggery. There may well be a bit of that for window dressing, but it’s definitely not the core of the book. Which will teach me to read a book beginning in 1600 and believe that the leather wearing stranger in the synopsis was going to be dressed like that because they were from the 1600’s rather than the bizarre leather jacketed stalker stereotype. Instead, I got a bizarre soul-mated melodrama, combining the worst of insta-love with a love triangle constructed of twin brothers from the 1600’s being soul bonded to the same girl. Does any of this make sense to you?

I tried to give it a go, before I learnt the full extent of the bizarreness – but I soon had to do an about turn and beat it out the door double quick. Definitely not for me.


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