Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Auto-Read Authors



Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature run by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week you compile a list of ten books that fit with the theme. All the details and how to join are available here.

I’m going with Auto-Read authors here because this just isn’t how I approach book buying, which is largely limited by accessability of local stock and seriously limited funds (terminal student). I rarely buy a book that I haven’t already read and know that I will like. So instead we’re going to have auto-read authors which I wish were auto-buy….


1. Terry Pratchett

Anything he has ever written is wonderful, I read anything of his that I can get my hands on regardless of form or genre: novels, shortstories, non-fiction…. I haven’t read any of the books about the Discworld series and I haven’t had a chance to read any of his Sci-Fi yet, but they’re definitely on my list.
The Ocean at the end of the Lane

2. Neil Gaiman

In pursuit of more of Mr Gaiman’s amazing prose, I’ve willing branched out further into graphic novels and short stories – not genres I generally read a great deal of. I’ve yet to find anything he’s written that isn’t brilliant and frankly I suspect that I never will.

kg 1 kg2 kg3 kg4

3. Kate Griffin/ Catherine Webb

Under whatever name she uses this author is simply stunning. Her narration varies widely between books and she writes superb characters. I always want to see what she’s going to write next,

storm-front fool mOONgrave perilsummer-knight-jim-butcher

4. Jim Butcher

As I’ve said before, an author that manages to combine humour with wonderfully twisty plots, great world-building and some very dark moments. He’s got a new series coming out soon which I’m really looking forward to trying.

gracekeepers portableshelter 9781907773754frcvr.indd

5. Kirsty Logan

Kirsty read at a Litfest event earlier this year, I loved her style and her approach to myth and fairtyales. I started The Gracekeepers yesterday and I adore it already, the world’s that Logan crafts are so unique. I wish I could have got my hands on a copy of A Portable Shelter!

The miniaturist

6. Jessie Burton

It’s rare that an author would make this list on the strength of one book but Jessie Burton is one of the three who managed it. The Miniaturist was unique and utterly spellbinding, I’m really excited to see where Burton goes next.

cinder1 Scarlet_Cover cress Winter

7. Marissa Meyer

Now Meyer is a lady who definitely puts her own spin on things. Every book in this series is great and I am soooo looking forward to it concluding in Winter. Again, very interested to see what she does next.

rivers of london

8. Ben Aaronovitch

Similar to Butcher in his approach – combing humour, great plots, suspense and thought provoking topics. I’ve only ever read his PC Grant novels but I would definitely read anything else he wrote as he’s yet to disappoint me.


9. Robert Jackson Bennett

The second author to make the list on the strength of only one book. An astoundingly good novel that feels so much larger and deeper than one book. I was really glad to discover that he already had a back catalogue, so his earlier work and the next book in this series – City of Knives – are firmly on my to-read list.


10. Susanna Clarke

If the sequel to Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell ever appears I will be on it like white on rice – my hand to God. I’ve got her book of short stories in my library on Scribd and I would jump at the chance to read anything else from her. Clarke has an incredible style and you can really feel the research that she puts into her world-building.


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Auto-Read Authors

  1. Meyer made my list this week as well and I am just dying to read Winter. It cannot come soon enough! I also just bought the first volume of Gaiman’s Sandman Omnibus. Its one of the most pretty things I own. Great list 🙂


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