Lytham Festival of Stories


Hello all!

Sorry to have disappeared more or less recently – it’s been a very busy month! Two weeks in Skye were overlapped by a family-wide lower respiratory infection, followed by the death of my phone (and my to-do list! Arghhh) and three days volunteering at Lytham’s Festival of Stories.

Due the abovementioned issues I wasn’t able to be as involved in the lead up to the weekend as I would’ve liked. But the actual festival was wonderful, we got great weather and a really good turn out from the public. All the decorations turned out wonderfully and -apart from some serious sunburn after an incident with a wayward mirror that means I now resemble a tomato – everything went wonderfully.

I was working as a member of the Strand team, as the coordinator for the Once Upon a Time Tents. We had a lot of wonderful workshops in my area, including Face to Face (where children are taught to facepaint on their parent’s faces), Twisted Tales (run by local drama school Little Voices and teaching children performing skills through flipping fairytales on their heads), Story Yoga (storytelling, costumes and Yoga? This one went down a charm), Baby Boo (A great sensory experience for little ‘uns and some much needed quiet time for parents) and Miss Spellbound’s Suitcase Stories (an interactive workshop teaching storytelling skills). We also had a lot of free activities including a playroom, a dress-up area and a lot of drawing materials!

It was an incredibly busy weekend and I kept getting drafted into the volunteer-run face-painting tent – which I was also keeping an eye on as it was next door. The face-painting was probably the busiest event across the three days and we always had a long queue, even when there were four of us painting at once. Some popular requests included old favourites like butterflies, dinosaurs and flowers amidst more unusual requests like vampires, rock stars and the incredible Hulk. I lost count of how many Elsa’s we did, although every little girl seemed to have a different idea of what she looked like…

All the volunteers were wonderful and very helpful! Special mentions have to go to Caitlyn and Jasmine for helping the whole weekend, Mia and Neve for being everywhere at once, Amber who seemed to have been volunteering her many skills to the festival for the last three months and Trinity volunteers Kirsty and Jane who gave us some much needed help on the last day when we were all fit to drop. Credit also needs to go to Sally for coordinating so many people who were in no way trained for this and for providing us all with a constant supply of cold bottled water. Last but not least I’ve got to thank Alex, whose brainchild this was, perhaps now she can finally have a bit of a rest!

All in all it was a brilliant event, I really hope it goes ahead again next year!


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