Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Books I’ve read so far in 2015


    Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature run by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week you compile a list of ten books that fit with the theme. All the details and how to join are available here.

I liked doing this one as it really made me think about the books I’ve read. I’ve tried to do a combination of fiction and poetry and non-fiction so it’s quite a varied list. I’ve put a link to my existing reviews on each book title, I’ve also included two books that I’m part way through because I’m a cheat and they’re brilliant….


  1. Uprooted – Naomi Novik

The reasons why this is up here are manifold – I adore this book. Now that I’ve got my own copy I have to keep physically restraining myself from just picking it up and rereading it. I can’t, I’ve got too much other reading to do! This is my favourite book of the year by quite a distance and definitely one of my favourite books ever.


  1. The Lunar Chronicles #1 Cinder – Marissa Meyer

My favourite of the three book currently available in this series – though there are  some moments in Cress that completely punched me in the gut. Quirky, innovative and down-right brilliant. Meyer more than deserves a place on here and I’m using Cinder to stand for all three of The Lunar Chronicles – else I’d have a list heavily weighted in her favour.

A Fold in the River_Layout 1

  1. A Fold in the River – Philip Gross and Valerie Coffin Price

I could enthuse about this one all day. A poetry collection I will keep returning to again and again and again. Perfect meeting of poetry and art, wonderful rhythms and sounds and packed full of images (in both the art and the poetry) that will linger with me for a long time.


  1. The Folly series #4 Broken Homes – Ben Aaronovitch (Link is for series as a whole)

Probably my favourite PC Grant novel but -as with Cinder – standing for the series as a whole. In Broken Homes we get more of Lesley – always a good thing – and I enjoyed the involvement of other characters who’d cropped up before. We finally started getting somewhere with the Faceless Man and the ending absolutely slayed me. Well done Mr Aaronovitch, well done

The miniaturist

  1. The Miniaturist – Jessie Burton

The ‘stand-out book of the year’ that actually was a stand-out book. Wonderful prose, a rich plot and bags of character development. A brilliant novel where I went back and read the prequel again and again throughout the book – and saw something different every time. To top it off Burton doesn’t give us all the answers at the end, which I find myself increasingly glad of. Masterful.

The Oversight

  1. The Oversight – Charlie Fletcher

Multiple POV perfection. Wonderfully illustrated worldbuilding that takes the Glint universe of his books for younger readers, shifts it just a little to the left, and pulls a wonderful adult novel out of the hat in its place. I’m really really looking forward to The Paradox later this year.

Michael Donaghy Collected Poem

  1. Collected Poems – Michael Donaghy

A wonderful collection – lyrical, a bit bizarre, brimming with inventiveness and wit. A poet who was not afraid of the dark. He was an incredible loss but he is survived by a brilliant body of work that I will return to frequently. This edition – in addition to the lovely cover – has some seriously quality content inside and was well worth the price.

Darker Shade

  1. A Darker Shade of Magic – V.E.Schwab

It’s probably cheating to put a book I haven’t finished on here yet. But I’m a decent bit of the way in and I’m utterly hooked. The narrative, the world building – Kell’s coat (I want this coat very dearly) it’s all so brilliant and I’m really looking forward to picking it up again.


  1. Signal to Noise – Silvia Moreno-Garcia

….another cheat as I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m about 3/4 of the way through and utterly hooked. I love the tale that’s Moreno-Garcia’s spinning, the characters, the form, the way the music seems to be wrapped all around it. I particularly like the way it jumps about in such short sections, like someone keeps skipping to the next song. I’m not normally huge on books that jump time periods throughout but it really works.

On Poetry

  1. Glyn Maxwell – On Poetry

This is one of those books that make you look at an entire genre differently: tilt your head to the side, regard poem thoughtfully whilst making considering noises and say, “Actually I know exactly what you mean, how bizarre.” Go forth and read it – there’s a whole lot of world behind that simple white cover.


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Books I’ve read so far in 2015


    Also The Lunar Chronicles are amazing, and I’m very proud to see a Seren title on your list. 😉 It looks like I really need to read Uprooted soon, I’ll get on that as soon as I finish Darkhaven. 🙂


    • I adore it already – I’m going to be making the long journey to Grasmere later via public transport so will be finishing it then (and probably a Darker Shade of Magic too trains and buses are good reading time 😉 ). A Fold in the River had to be on there – it’s such a beautiful book and yes Jess, you really do need to read Uprooted!!!!


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