Healthy Planet Mini Book Haul – Fishergate Centre Preston

Healthy Planet Book Haul

Healthy Planet Book Haul

A while ago Healthy Planet took up residence in what used to be Preston’s TJ Hughes. I walked past it quite a few times early on – it looked fairly empty at the beginning and I didn’t initially give it enough attention to realise what it was. Then, whilst wandering around waiting for a friend and bored witless, I actually read the posters. Cue that unique brand of unbridled excitement only really seen in voracious readers – FREE BOOKS.

Well, to be more precise three free books at a time. It struck me as a great idea and a very welcome addition to the limited book sources available in Preston. There are a multitude of libraries of course, for which my love is well known. But outside of Waterstones and WH Smith’s there’s not really anywhere else to get your hands on your own books. However, now there was Healthy Planet the home of donated books – including a lot of retired library books – all in fairly decent condition. I’ve poked around in charity shops book sections before, I’ve even found some gems, but Healthy Planet is more than that. It’s pretty much a library where you never have to bring the books back unless you want to, it has a wonderful ethos and it’s AWESOME.

I’ve wandered through a few times before but there’s never really been anything that caught me eye – not so on the last trip. Preston town centre is currently snarled up with the Fracking protests outside the town hall so, when I found my bus route home on Tuesday blocked by a righteously angry crowd of people dressed in yellow, I took the opportunity to pop in again. I restricted myself to the required three books but could easily have picked up ten or more – no doubt I’ll be paying them another visit next Monday!

The three I settled on this time were Middlemarch by George Eliot (take that Classics to read list!) a former library copy of City of Masks by Mary Hoffman (I’ve sung it’s praises before here but never owned my own copy) and Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher (always good for a bit of escapism). Very pleased with my mini haul and hoping to add to it soon….


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