Top Ten Tuesday – Summer 2015 TBR



    Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature run by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week you compile a list of ten books that fit with the theme. All the details and how to join are available here.

NorthernThe Subtle KnifeAmber

1. His Dark Materials Trilogy – Phillip Pullman

This one is a re-read. I haven’t read this series since the first time when I was ten, but I remember absolutely falling in love with Lyra’s world. I initially read the trilogy backwards – strange I know and something that I would normally consider sacrilege – but that was the only order I could get them from my school library. By this point I’d read my way through the kids/YA sections of most of the Preston libraries, so I was glad of new material whatever order it came in! For a largely underfunded Catholic School, we really did have a good library and I got a lot of use out of it. I’m really looking forward to these and I think the new covers are beautiful.


  1. Discworld Series – Terry Pratchett

Another re-read in the lead up to The Shepherd’s Crown coming out. The Discworld series are some of my favourite books ever; I love the Watch novels in particular  and I reread them often, but I don’t reread the others as often as I should. So a full reread needs to be done I think – though I’ll have to track down some of the books from the library. I want to have the whole universe settled in my head before I re-read his final novel…then I’m probably going to cry as already discussed.

vicious Darker Shade

  1. A Darker Shade of Magic and Vicious – V.E.Schwab

I’m going to find a copy of Vicious by hook or by crook because A Darker Shade of Magic looks fantastic. I love the premise of both of these, I love the cover art and for once I believe the hype. I’ve managed to grab a copy of A Darker Shade of Magic from the library although Vicious remains elusive. I will definitely be reading these two at this summer, in fact A Darker Shade of Magic is waiting for me on the table as I type. But as Lancashire Libraries don’t have the goods I’m probably going to have to buy Viscious.


4. The Newsflesh Trilogy – Mira Grant

If I don’t read this soon, I feel like Jess over @themoormaiden may kill me. I’m kinda all out on zombies. They’ve gotta be done in a really interesting way to get my attention, as my natural reaction to horror films is to fall asleep in the first ten minutes and continue to sleep through the screams. I’m serious, I have tried to watch IT on several occasions just so that I can say I’ve seen it, but it’s just not happening. However, Mira Grant does look like she’s taken a really interesting approach to the subject and there seems to be so much more to the story then just this, so it deserves its place on here.


5. Inkheart Trilogy – Cornelia Funke

Another re-read. I think we’re beginning to see a trend here are we not? I read these books a really long way apart many years ago and I’d love to be able to just binge read them and be in awe of Funke’s characters and world building. This will probably require a bit more library trawling as I never invested in my own copies – more fool me – but I’ve a feeling that it will be worth it.

temeraire Throne_of_Jade_cover

  1. Temeraire Series – Naomi Novik

I think my newfound love of Novik is going to be fairly apparent in my review of Uprooted. I’ve finally got my hands on the first book in her Termeraire series and the second’s on the way from Amazon. I’m really looking forward to this series – come on people DRAGONS = as it’s got a good few books in it already, with the final and ninth book coming out next year. I’m still wary of unfinished series after the trauma of James Clemens Godslayer Series and watching all the ASOIAF fans in George RR Martin induced despair, so a long series approaching completion is reassuring!


7. Gormenghast – Mervyn Peake

This has been on my to read list for ages – I really need to get caught up on the classics – and I’ve finally got my hands on a sale copy of the lovely Vintage paperback edition from Waterstones. I’ve flicked through the beginning a little and it looks very promising; a good chunky series which I know little about, so I’m prepared to be surprised and – hopefully – delighted by it.

Les miserables

8. Les Misérables – Victor Hugo

Another Vintage Edition bought in the sale. I’ve loved this musical for years, since I first saw it in London, and I’m really interested to read the original text. I like the idea of all the different storylines and just the epic scale of the story. But the Cosette/Marius love story has always annoyed me a bit, I’m hoping it makes more sense within the more epic context of the novel.


9.To Kill A Mocking bird – Harper Lee

No, I’ve never read it *ducks* although I’ve wanted to for a while and I’ve just grabbed a slightly battered copy from Lancaster Library. I have a feeling that I’m going to love it as it’s eminently quotable. One of my Science teachers, who was frankly quite terrifying to a class of year sevens but probably fun if you were older (he gave thirty kids out of a class of thirty three detention on our second lesson, thankfully I was one of the three lucky escapees) –  used to carry a copy of it everywhere, so it intrigued my little eleven year old brain. I’m looking forward to reading this, but I won’t be able to without remembering him and wondering what it was about the book that made him – the most unlikely person imaginable – carry it everywhere.

angela carters

  1. Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales

Isn’t it beautiful? The illustrations in this are absolutely divine and I loved Angela Carter’s Bloody Chamber at Uni, so I’m really looking forward to more along the same vein. I really need to read more Angela Carter – one of the novels I’m working on at the moment deals with Circuses so I think I might also take a run at A Night at the Circus.

This was a brilliant tag this week. I’m skipping next week’s, as I’ve not really been doing TTT’S long enough for it to make sense for me to do it. But I’ll be keeping my eye out for everyone else’s responses!


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Summer 2015 TBR

  1. Those covers of the Temeriare series look gorgeous. I added them to my Goodreads to read list.
    I also have A Darker Shade of Magic on my list.

    Discworld! I haven’t read much of them, but if I had I would reread them this Summer as well.


  2. These books all look great! I haven’t read anything by Philip Pullman, but I do own several of his books, and I’d like to try them soon. I’ve heard amazing things about ADSOM as well.Good luck!



    I’ll have to read Uprooted soon because I’ve been hearing great things about it and I manage to grab a copy from Netgalley. I’m reading To Kill a Mockingbird right now, having never read it before, and I’m really enjoying it so far. I’m also really attracted to the main character’s father and I don’t even know why.

    I own Vicious and A Darker Shade of Magic and yet somehow I haven’t read either of them yet. I need to get on that!


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