This Week in Books

I’m only going to do my fiction reads here as I have a lot of poetry collections in progress. But as you can see it’s been a good week for fiction!


garth nix sabriel

Rating: 5 stars

cinder1 Scarlet_Cover cress

Rating: 5 Stars


Rating: 5 Stars +

Touch of power

Rating: 2 Stars

Sabriel – A re-read as I work my way up to Clariel. This was my travelling book for Monday, as I went between Preston and Lancaster for Litfest and library raids. I forgot how wonderful the world building in this book was, and I’m really glad I decided to re-read the first Old Kingdom novels. Although Clariel is a prequel to the main trilogy, there’s such a level of detail in them that I know I would have missed things starting with Clariel.

So I’ve been on a bit of a fairytale kick this week. Jess @themoormaiden has been singing the praises of The Lunar Chronicles for eons so I ordered the first three from the library – £1.80 for three books ain’t half bad is it? Then I read them in less than two days – started Cinder after finishing Sabriel Monday night, finished Cress Wednesday morning. I’m going to review them later (I’ll post a link) but they were great and hit so many boxes in my mental checklist for interesting sci-fi and good fairytale retellings. For me they very much only take the original tales as a starting point, it’s where they go after this that makes these books so satisfying to read.

Uprooted – I’m going to review this one as well, but it’s probably going to be quite a long review with a lot of general writing envy, so here’s the potted version. It’s brilliant, and although there is a beauty and the beast sort of feel to the beginning that’s where it ends. It’s not a retelling by a longshot, more of a whole new fairytale that is already becoming a firm favourite. Novik has written a book here that stands quite comfortably on it’s own two feet, weaving a wonderful tale with Eastern European elements that are – quite frankly – very cool. It’s probably one of my favourite books ever.

A Touch of Power – DNF, I’ve tried Maria V Snyder before with pretty much the same results. Thought I’d give this a go as the concept seemed interesting, but I just can’t get on with her writing style and the plot doesn’t grab me at all. I flicked through to the end to see if there was anything interesting enough for me to carry on reading. For my money. there wasn’t so back to the library it went.



Old Kingdom re-read part 2. Going well so far, I could only really remember the bare bones of this one as I have never reread it before so it’s a still a surprising story second time around. I’m not up to the Disreputable Dog yet who, as a lifelong dog owner, I remember with a lot of love so looking forward to that bit.


Abhorsen Clariel Darker Shade

So next week I’ve got my eye on finishing the Old Kingdom novels and then I think I’m going to treat myself to my library copy of  V.E.Schwab’s A Darker Shade of Magic. It looks really brilliant, the internet’s full of great reviews and I’m really rather excited about it. I did another library raid today after I took last week’s books back, so I’ve got loads to choose from… some really good books are coming my way!



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