June First Friday: North West Literary Salon and Jacqueline Harris for Litfest


Aren’t we lucky people in Lancashire? Two brilliant events packed into one evening.

I’ve kind of been a bit out of the literary scene since finishing uni. I’ve done quite a lot of behind the scenes stuff which I’m really enjoying, but apart from a couple of events I’ve not been to many readings and such like. Perhaps that was why Friday was so satisfying, easing the itch to be out and about talking about books with like minded people.

It was a great evening, showcasing the power of both the written and spoken word.

At the literary salon, Claire Dean’s ‘Feather Girls’ delighted us with a very northern take on old myths; I would never have imagined that eating a pack of salt and vinegar crisps could convey so much meaning. Carys Davies surprised us by managing to tell a woman’s life story and illustrate the decline of rural Cumbria all in a walk up to a farm – with a great twist at the end too. What followed these readings was a really intriguing discussion about place, writing practice and reader interpretation. I had to duck out early after doing a plug for our June FF event, but I really wish I could have lingered to talk longer and take advantage of the 10% Waterstones discount for attendees. There’s another chance to see Carys Davies coming up, as she is going to be reading from Seren’s much praised New Welsh Short Stories, at our book launch event for Graham Mort’s short story collection Terroir. Both Graham and Carys will be at Lancaster Library on June 16th!

After legging it back up the road, I then got to see Jacqueline Harris at Litfest’s First Friday contribution at The Storey. We’ve had a few storytellers recently and I’ve developed a taste for it. But Jacqueline has a very unique style, a combination of old folk stories and tales she’s collected from people along her way. I especially like how she weaved these two strands together, with the older myths acting as an anchor to the more modern tales and anecdotes. Her latest project is based of tales from the Isle of Arran and, as a lover of the highlands and islands of Scotland, I think she really conveyed the wildness and isolation of the landscape and the characters that you find there.

It was a great evening and really got my in the mood for the Literature Events that are coming up over the coming months!


One thought on “June First Friday: North West Literary Salon and Jacqueline Harris for Litfest

  1. So happy to have stumbled upon this review. It’s lovely to read about the many events going on in Lancaster. I’m really proud to be a part of some of them and enjoy reading about the ones I’ve missed.


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