Blogging from A-Z – James Clemens – Shadowfall and Kristin Cashore – Bitterblue


Gracelingfire 2BItterblue2

Kristin Cashore -Bitterblue (showing the three covers for the series because they’re so pretty)

I’d read her previous two books within this universe and loved them. She writes really interesting women and anyone who dismisses them as “chickl-lit” – I’ve read some damn good books marketed as chick-lit – really hasn’t read them. For the third book Cashore takes the story on a different sort of path and I loved this, I’m fascinated by aftermath stories, by the rebuilding that we just never see really at the end of stories – yes all the quests and revolutions and stuff are brilliant but really how do you raise a kingdom out of the Ashes and start something new?

Shadowfall Hinterland

James Clemens – Shadowfall

Worldbuilding perfection – with only two books. Never completed and lord knows if it ever will be. I could never quite get into his W’itch series for some reason – though  will give it another go eventually. His thrillers under his name of James Rollins always make good holiday reading if you want something interesting and well researched but not to make your brain work hard. But Shadowfall and Hinterland are by far my favourite’s of his. The sheer array of characters with fascinating stories captivated me – I read Shadowfall for the first time on holiday in Scotland, a copy I had from the library. I read it straight through in one sitting  sat on a window seat looking out over the summer isles, got up, had lunch, then sat down and read it straight through again. I bought my own copy of this and bought Hinterland immediately as it came out. I simply can’t afford to buy all the books I read and I’m not sure my bedroom floor could take the strain either. But these two I had to have.


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