Poetic Republic Prizes – Only 9 days left

poetic republic

There’s only 9 days left to enter this year’s Poetic Republic Prizes!

I can’t sing the praises of this competition enough. I entered it for the first time last year and was lucky enough to be shortlisted for Best Single Poem and to win the Portfolio Prize in the poetry category. As a complete novice I was intrigued by the format: each round is reviewed by your fellow competitors and as the competition progresses all the entrants review batches of poems, steadily whittling down the entries until this produces a shortlist of twelve, before the competitors rank the poems again to ultimately choose the winner.

There’s no other competition quite like it. It’s incredibly rewarding, opens your work up to a wide audience who may otherwise have never even heard your name and you get tons of feedback.

As one of last year’s winners I’m not eligible to enter this year and I’ll really miss the experience – I’m already eyeing up next year’s competition though! I’m evidence that it really is worth a try – no matter your level of experience – so I really encourage your to enter and give it a go!


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