Blogging from A-Z – Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London

So in the true spirit of blogging I’m continuing the great tradition of nicking other people’s tags….

Blogging from A – Z

This was a really good excuse to raid my bookshelves (and the library catalogue which only exists in my brain) for books that made an impact on me in one way or another. I’m also totally going to cheat and put a fiction author and a poet for each letter. There’s far too many wonderful authors for some letters – C and P and S were particularly tricky.

rivers of london

Ben Aaronovitch – The Folly Series

God I love these books. I reread them from the beginning the week before I finally got round to reading Foxglove Summer, the latest in the series. It really hit me how superb the world building is and it’s one of those fantasy series’ that are genuinely concerned with people – as well as a cracking plot and all the intriguing magical bells and whistles. Peter Grant is someone you genuinely want to follow and I’m just as fascinated by Lesley, Beverley, Nightingale and the rest of a superb cast of supporting characters. It’s also one of those series that doesn’t always just drop a supporting character after the first book they appear in, if they’re relevant they crop up again and you get to follow their little side stories too. But the best thing? These books are absolutely hilarious.

welsh Retrospective


Dannie Abse – Welsh Retrospective 

I studied Abse for my A Level alongside the much ‘bleaker’ Larkin who’s going to crop up later. Larkin was someone who – at the time = I could appreciate but not love. He was just too dark for me at that point in my life. Abse was a welcome relief, with his lighter touch and a contemplation of both the natural world and family that managed to be joyous without ever becoming saccharine. He definitely earned his place on the ‘Happier syllabus’ that we dreamed up as A levels started to break our brains.


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