Breaking the page

book of secrets

Recently, I’ve been talking to people about the problems of breaking the page.

It’s that moment every writer is familiar with – the instant when something that has only ever existed in your head becomes a reality. Even after being a writer my whole life it’s still a scary feeling.

Life after finishing my Creative Writing MA has seemed to mimic that feeling in a ‘real-life’ situation. Everything I do now feels like it matters much more than it used to. The start of a career outside of typical student jobs appears more daunting than ever and the importance of making the right start a uniquely intense pressure.

But in the end we can get nowhere by sitting there with the pen in our hand or our fingers hovering over the keys, never going any further, simply telling ourselves the story in our own heads.

So instead I’m going to break the page.

My name is Natalie Sorrell Charlesworth, I’m a writer and a recent graduate of Lancaster University’s Creative Writing MA. Funding depending I should be starting my PhD there in December – I’m planning a post talking about the complicated process of applying for a Creative Writing PhD at some point in the future. I’m a published poet and I won Poetic Republic’s Portfolio Prize back in December 2014 with my poems ‘Nervosa’ and ‘Caulking’. I’m currently working towards my first poetry collection alongside a novel called ‘The Ladybird Winter.’

From that little bio I think you can tell there’s going to be a lot of posts about book reviews (usually on Mondays), writing life and Literature in general.

I don’t have a steady job and I do a lot of freelance – and in an age where no one really can afford to pay you – a lot of ‘free’ work. Some editing, some artwork under the name of ‘Sorrell Arts’ and some genealogy under the name of ‘North West Genealogy’, there are very dusty Facebook pages for both which I really need to finish at some point. So there’s probably going to be some posts associated with that as well. I’m also currently a board member with Litfest in Lancaster – a tremendously worthwhile charity which puts on some fantastic events in addition to the yearly festival.

That… really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Next post should be on Monday for a book review of the wonderful ‘In Her Own Words’ a collection of interviews with fourteen women poets from Wales by Alice Entwistle.



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